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But the Emden's Casualties are believed to run into far more

Nov 11
After finishing off the Emden the Cruiser Sydney began a chase after the collier which was coaling the Emden in the Cocos Islands & after a small run succeeded in overtaking & sinking her after she had taken her crew prisoners. Great praise is due to the men of the wireless station on the Cocos Islands for the way which they stuck to their posts amid bombardment from the Emden & succeeded in delivering their message although the Emden tried to intercept her message by sending different words & letters.

Sunday Nov 15
We arrived at Colombo & anchored outside.

Nov 16
We went inside the breakwater. Here we got 40 prisoners from the Emden put on board &right in our mess hereby cramming us into a very small space. The N.Z. Troops [indecipherable] about a day before we arrived at Colombo therefore they had already got

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