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since the Aus troops have arrived the hotels & cafes have put up their signs as to take the eye of the soldiers. Such as. Sydney marble Bar, New Aus. Bar, Colonial Café New Zealand Café etc. When we first came to camp we did not understand the money & everyone doing a bit of business made a harvest out of us The Territorials who are camped on the other side of the Nile said that we put the Kybosh on them as what they used to get for 4 or 5 piastres we used to pay 10 piastres.

Dec 31st
Sir Geo Reid. Visited the camp & addressed the troops from a platform erected on the sand & after making a stirring speech he took his stand with General Maxwell & the Brigadiers & Staff officers to take the salute as the troops marched past in column of fours.

Dec 31st
We had a very painful duty to perform to day & that was marching at a funeral of one

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