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is 5 weeks ago. This is the cheapest place of the lot to buy anything in the shape of fruit, cigs. Dates etc.

Dec 6th
Went into the wharf & unloaded the horses & disembarked 4 companies of troops. We did not land till the next morning there was an accident in the entraining of horses caused by one falling through the race & cutting himself severely.

Dec 7th
We disembarked off the Omrah this morning & boarded the train bound for Cairo at noon we passed through some beautiful scenery & the irrigation along the line is wonderful the Egyptians working in the fields with mules, camels & buffaloes & the houses make the scenery very picturesque. We arrived in Cairo at about 4 P.M on Dec 7th & proceeded about 10 miles to our camp in trams. We are bivouacked on the sand at foot of the pyramids

Dec 8th & 9th
It is all fatigue

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