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Yanda is an abbreviation of
ya ninda and seems to imply will you, have you, did you , do you 
Tullanda abbrev: of Tulla ninda  where were you, where are you, when did you, when will you xe xe xe 

Ya appears to how in some cases - also what, have where and is it
ya geer is it ready - done - Did you get it - will that do

Nina - what

Ninanda, an abbreviation [gonina?] [loinda?] - what do you or what will you 
Minara is sometimes why do

Minar ---------forgotten tn the original

Min ar nar ------what is that

I ---------Gni or Gnia This Gna or nubbar
You -----Ninda That Gna or narrago
He-------------- when Jullama or sacaro
She------------ where Julla
We Gnollee which Jullanda 
Ye-------------- what mina
They-------------- who dendro
Mine Gni, not gui  why weariisa
Me   gnia, not guia  
Yours -- nirenoo  
Him    gnooroogna  
Her    Yeunara  
Owes  Connoogoroo  


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