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and St Catherine have fallen in their hands. They are shelling Antwerp. My God, and the English have not arrived yet. One after another the ports are falling.

11) September 27th
All the ports are in the hands of the enemy. We are fighting in the suburbs, three thousand English marines have arrived. They fight well those English, but they are not numerous enough, we are evacuating the city, ready to retreat at a moment's notice.

12) October 5th

The main part of the army is over the river and safe we have orders to keep on as long as we can. Twenty thousand Belgians and the remnants of the English marines. The Germans are shelling the town, the petrols tanks are ablaze, all the ships in the port are burning. God knows if we will ever get out of this hole.

13) October 18th

We have reached Bruges. We left Antwerp the 7th a great part of the Belgian rearguard is prisoner in Holland with the English marines. About 5000 of us escaped across the schelde, and we rejoined the main army yesterday here. The Germans did not pursue us. Father stayed in Antwerp.

14) October 19th

We are retreating to Nieuport, evacuated Ostend. I get leave to go and see my sisters and mother in Antwerp Lille

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