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all drunk. Most of the women had gone mad, by the torture. They were screaming, and kissing us, without thinking of dressing themselves. They were all send to Brussels. My God! What a sight!

3/ August 22nd.
Namur has fallen, the way to france is open. We have learn with no little satisfaction that the English and French are rushing troops towards Mons, to stem the tide of invasion. The Belgian Government has left Brussels for Antwerp. All the people is panic stricken. They fly towards France and Holland. It is hardly possible to move the troops. This morning while patrolling we found an English nurse lying on the road near Ottignics. The Bashes had cut her breasts off. She was slowly dying. She was imploring us to kill her – to stop her sufferings, but how could we, we are not woman killers. Happily she died soon afterwards. We buried her as best we could.
Last night we found in the church of the same village, we found a little boy of about 4 years old, crucified to the Christ hanging over the alter. He was still moaning, out of pity one of us send a bullet through his heart.

4/ August 23rd.
The Germans have taken Brussels. Nothing as yet has been destroyed in the city. We have got to thank the American Ambassador for that. We are retreating on Antwerp, and to the line of the Schelde. I have received very bad news from

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