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Louvain. How splendid is our king, he is with us, all the time, even in the greatest dangers. He is the soul of Belgium and the army.
Qushot has been destroyed, and last night a german Zeppelin bombarded Antwerp, killing two women and one child.

6) August 29th
A terrible battle is raging here at Geromonde, for the possession of the town. We lost and took the town back three times. The Germans are trying to cross the Schelde, to cut our only way of retract of. I was wounded today. A mere scratch on the back. Louvain was retaken by the Germans, and they entered Malines. North of Malines, the forts of Waelhem and Waire St.Catherine are holding them back with great success.

7) September 1st

The battle of Germonde ends in a splendid victory for our troops. There is not much left of the town. My mother and two sisters have gone to Lille. They will be safe there at least for some time. The Germans attack have stopped. But they bombard with fury. Antwerp is practically surrounded by a wall of fire. In the meanwhile we are enjoying a well deserved rest.

8) September the 7th

The Germans tried to take Antwerp Ghent. But armoured cars

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