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home. My youngest brother was found nailed with bayonet at the door of the place where he was staying. His stomach had been cut open, and all his interior was hanging out. Poor kid he must have suffered horribly. And he was only 13. My twin sister has dissapeared . Some of my mates say she was burned alive, in the convent where she was staying I believe them, it must be true.

5) August 27th
Yesterday I had a very narrow escape of being taken prisoner. We were patrolling on our mott bicycles. After an hour we saw ahead of us a huge party of Uhlans, who chased us. Suddenly I heard a hiss and looking backwards saw my back tyre punctured. And the Germans were about 600 metres from us. By the time I had put the new tyre which we carry on our back all the time, they were about 100 yards behind me. I made all the speed I could I think if it had been counted as race, I would have won the championship of the world then. Imagine yourself riding like hell with about 34 Uhlans after you. I had the Good luck in falling in with a Belgian patrol, which the Germans saw too. They turned tail and disappeared. Louvain has been destroyed and Captured by the Germans. Not one building is left. God only knows how many thousands of inhabitants were killed After a terrible battle at Heyst op am berg , we recaptured

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