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patrols soon drove them out again. Conditions are terrible in Antwerp. And are growing worse. My father is still staying there despite the fact that food is nearly unobtainable. The people is leaving. We are getting ready for our last stand.

9) September 15th

We have just received 50000 tons of wheat from America and 2 millions of pounds from Australia. We thank Australia and America from the bottom of our hearts, for while, the French and English leave us without help those faraway countries at least remember us. There is a growing discontent amongst the people against England. The promised help does not come. The people speak of surrendering. If it was not for the king. I think they would do it

10)September 16th

We are attacking today, our objective is Brussels. Will we reach it? Our troups are at Neischot within 20 miles of the capital. The Germans are retreating, although they are fighting well. The king was nearly betrayed to the Germans by his own chauffeur. The king shot the traitor himself and returned to Antwerp alone.

11) September 17th
Orders to retreat were send to the troops. They were 12 miles from the capital, but there were no more munitions. The German attacks were terrible. The ports of Waelhem

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