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hole in my left fore arm which was giving my clothes a bath of blood.

Some A.M.C chap got a hold of me and dressed my wound. The next shell landed right into one of our waggons which was loaded with bombs. I heard later that the wheel was left. As soon as my arm was dressed I got. Being windy was not in it. Blue Funk was more like it.

About 15 minutes later my brother found me and dragged me to the Dressing Station, where the Doctor had a look at my arm then after redressing it, was told to go over and have something to eat and have a smoke, as I had to wait for an ambulance to take me to the C.C.S. (Casualty Clearing Station) while waiting there some more of our boys came in., and from them I was told eight or nine were wounded and one killed with the same shell. I was very lucky as I was nearest to the shell yet I think had the smallest wound.

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