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I thought we were in for a good old feed, but no luck. Tea, bread & butter and cake, so we made the best of it. Got Princess Alice to sign my invitation card.

The following few days I spent in London.

Sat 9th Nov.
Went with party to the Alambra Theatre. After show met by one of the Red Cross ladies and taken to the Victoria League for tea. (near Leicester Square)

Sun. 10th Nov
Taken to concert at the Palladium by Miss Golding

Mon. 11th November
Going into London the guns started to fire at 11am just as I arrived into Ealing Broadway. Armistis has been signed and it was not long before the flags were flying from every window, and people crowding into the streets.

When I got into London the streets were packed with men, women & children waving flags and singing. The excitement was high.

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