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merry party. Left Suez at 8-30pm.

Very funny at night some of the officers were well gone, otherwise three sheets in the wind, and they would insist on giving the boys a speech. It was as funny as a circus.

Sat 28th
Tried to sleep on deck, but it was so windy that I was kept busy chasing my blanket all over the deck, so got down below.

Sunday 3th January 1919
Arrive Colombo at 8am, not allowed ashore on account of the "Flu"
Taking on water and coal

Tues 7th Jan.
Left Colombo at 6pm.

Thur. 9th Jan
As the boys complained about the tucker yesterday we had a lecture from the O.C. Our complaint did a lot of good. Had Ham & Eggs for breakfast this morning.

Sunday 12th Jan
Passed Cocas Island about 4pm. Did not see any sign of "Emden"

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