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few of the boys still in bed, and he did roar, so we promised we would not get into bed untill the raid was over. We kept our promise but we did not leave the marquee, we got under the bed, and went to sleep there.

The Doctor came back but no-one was in bed, but soon caught sight of us , so he made us all go into one of the huts, and stood there till we were all in. We marched right along the hut and out by the other door, but the old "Quack" was up to these little jokes, so we had to stay in till the raid was over.

Thur 15th Aug
Am examined by the Major this morning and as the Operating Theatre is so busy with very urgent cases, I was warned for "Blighty" and that will do me. In the afternoon I was issued with a Tommy uniform for the trip over. Fritz paid us another visit at night.

Current Status: