Tuesday 1 Feby 1825. Embarked on board the [Salley?] for Sydney the morning pleasant & wind fair to [trim?y] us out but like most fair prospects frequently niped in the bud no sooner had we gotten clear of the [P?] than we fell in with a heavy swell from the [South and?] & Southerly wind which lasted until thursday night from the small-ness of our Vessel & heavy swell we were [? ? landsmen?] very sea sick - on Saturday afternoon we made New Castle -
Sunday 6 Heard the Revd Mr Middleton Preach for [?] on Monday [evening?] set sail and arrived at Sydney on tuesday eveng where I met up [pect?bly?] with Mr Marsden with whom I [am?] up to Parra the next morng & found all [?]  [finds? thru? mercy?] in good health - 
Thursday went up to the Cowpastures to [Bro?] Samuels [?]  on Friday - [Saturday?] [?] [preparing?] for the Sabbath - 
Sunday 13 Preached in the morng in the afternoon at the Factory & heard Mr Wilkinson - Monday Waited on the Governor got my [orders?] for [Salary?] & and went to Sydney [?] the next day [?]

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