[indecipherable] Vale
June 5 1828

My Dear Mrs Hassall
You will doubtless think by this time that I have for a very long time neglected writing to you or some of the family, and really I have taken up my pen for that purpose more than once when something or other has prevented me.
About six months ago I was confined of a son who is well and hearty, being now my ninth child and tho' labouring under excessive fatigue of mind, from one trouble or another, at the period of my confinement I am [indecipherable] thankful to say I recovered wonderfully. Providence is ever kind to me, for in the heaviest of my trouble, I am ever blessed with health and tolerable spirits.
I had hoped I should have been able to give you a better account of Mr W- affairs, but alas in this I am much disappointed, this imprudent speculation

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