[MS 713]

To Rev T Hassall 
                                                                    [Kiddee Kiddee] New Zealand
                                                                    Novber 29th 1825

My very dear Friend
I am glad that another opportunity has offered of conversing with you in this poor cold, and formal way, as i call letter writing conversation, how clad i should be to have but a few moments conversation with you face to face but for [wise] reasons this is forbidden at least for a season in your last letter which was dated Oct/24 I gratefully acknowledge but have not received a single sentance from you since. i believe i have embraced every opportunity of writing to you as i hop you have to me. 
     your mentioning our last, your many engagements i fear they are too many for your Constitution, not too many for our gracious Master or for yourself for I think i can tell you [ ] from [ ] own feble desires, that you would give such a poor life as this and then thousand such if you had them for to him who has done so much for you "where the whole realm of Nature mine, that were a present far too small" is your language "well but my dear Brother we are yet in the body and perhaps it is rather selfish to die in, or with love, although it would be your gain in a certain sense "to depart", yet it may be far better ro abide a little longer in the flesh for poor sinners sakes, as well as the Church, if your people are anxious to have you labour in the way you mention tell them they are like the man in the Fable whose Goose laid Golden Eggs you remember he killed her but he lost the eggs. i long to hear from you and to know how your message is received by the poor sons of 

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