Eimes 14th Feby. 1825

My Dear Friend & Brother in Christ,

Samuel has sent over a boat from his residence at Taheite for my letters for the Colony, the Brutus being to sail in a day or two for that place, and I have not a single letter ready; this is my first I now begin for you, and it grieves me that I shall be forced to make it very short, having only a part of this day to write all I have to write as I must not detain the boat. I had no idea of the vessel's sailing so soon. Samuel resides at Mairepehe on the south side of the larger peninsula. I believe he does not go to the colony in the Brutus.
I have to acknowledge the rect. of your very kind & very welcome letter forwarded to me by Brother in law Isane, the contents of which I perused with much pleasure & gratification.
I hope this will find you both living very near the Lord and enjoying much of the consolation of his spirit in your present situation and circumstances in which you as much and his

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