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1799 March 13 Mr. Bolton informs me that  at Hamburgh much demand has been made from England for Copper & that at Present it Costs would Cost when deliverd at London without duty £123 a Ton
[in margin]  Hamburgh Price

[in margin]  Swedish Price
The Copper Trade in Sweden as well as the Iron has been much delayed by the want of water in the Last autumn & Severity of the winter which has kept the mills from working & the same of the Iron Trade Copper might be got from thence sometimes hence for from 98 to 100 pounds a Ton

[in margin]  State of Copper Trade
When the English Copper Co Entered into its present Contract for Sheathing Mr Williams attended and as soon as the bargain was settled went into the Commissioners & informed them that the firm with whom the engagement was made were unable to supply the Quantity  wanted to which they replied that they could do nothing in the business except taking care that the securities were good

in a Short time the Company found themselves unable to supply the Contract & were reduced to the necessity of applying to Mr Williams and offering him a Part Williams accepted their proposals on Condition that the Chairman would go in Person to the Navy board & declare the Truth of Mr Williams original declaration & also that the Company would as soon as possible relinquish their Contract in order that a new one might be negociated on higher terms by Williams & them in partnership  Mr Smith to Mr Chalmers March 20. 

From March 16 1799 Mr. Vivian offers the Whole of his Copper about 200 Tons a year for 7 per Ct. above the average Standard of the Cornish Tickettings The Copper to be delivred at Swansea for Bills at 6 Months

Mr Boultons Letter to the Rose Copper Co Augt 20 1798
"the anglesea Co understand their interest too
"well to expect any unmanufacturd Copper except
"as small a portion as they Can help to the East Indies &
"that by way of a delay such to induce other Companies

Current Status: