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any contagious or infectious disease and that none are contacts of infectious disease.

Other Group officials signing certificates are the Messing Officer and the Group Quartermaster. The former has to certify that all troops embarking have been rationed up to and including twenty four hours after entrainment. The Quartermaster's is to the effect that all troops have been equipped according to instructions laid down for the troops embarking for Australia.
Certificates have to be complete in every detail by ten o'clock of the night before the Quota moves out.
A list of men struck off the boat roll at the final check parade either on account of absence or contagious disease has to be compiled. Against the name of the casualty is the reason for his non-embarkation and at the foot thereof a statement is made something after the following:-

Number Allotted- 6 W.Os- 20 Sergeants – 600 Other Ranks
Final Casualties as above - 0 W.Os- 1Sergeant- 10 Other Ranks
Number embarked- 66 W.Os- 19 Sergeants- 590 other Ranks

This roll was rendered in triplicate to Tidworth and one sent to the transport.
It was from these figures that the Furlough Office who made out travelling warrants for the troops trains and conducting parties advised the R.T.O.
Certificates and Casualty Roll being complete there is yet another big job to overcome. That is the compilation of the documents to be

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