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therefore it is necessary to draw from Details Camp, which, in the case of No 3 Group is known as "No 8". This camp is occupied by men who have been casualities from previous boat rolls together with men returning from N.M.E. and it is the duty of the Officer commanding No 8 Camp to be able to render in an hour's notice a complete roll of his strength in strict order of the dates of enlistment.

Our original roll rendered on the arrival of Quota "X" from France having been ruled completely up to date, we commence the Group Roll. The order is, firstly infantry in order of battalions and divisions, secondly artillery in order of batteries and brigades, thirdly engineers in order of Field Companies, fourthly A.S.C. in order of divisional trains and lastly miscellaneous units. Each unit is alphabetical, all pages are number consecutively and no more than twenty names appear on one page. The details appearing alongside each man's name are his regimental number, full christian names, and the number of his military district. Thirty copies of each roll are made and it will be shewn how each one of these copies is utilised. The method of duplication is that of typing on a wax sheet and the use of a Roneo Duplicator.

The roll being complete, that is the correct number of Warrant Officers Sergeants and other ranks as allotted from London by wire and confirmed from Tidworth by letter, a check parade is held the next day. It takes place in the camp occupied by Quota "X" and a medical Officer is in attendance. An ordinary army hut is used for the purpose of this parade and the Boat Roll sergeant checking, takes up his position at one end of the hut, with the M.O. at the other. The hardest work of all now

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