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Tidworth, making the number sixteen.
Some three days before date of embarkation, the London copy in duplicate of the transport roll is sent by special messenger to the Group. Much care must be exercised in the work now on hand. It is necessary to ascertain that every name submitted on the Group Roll appears on the London Roll. A proof against the correctness of the man doing this work is the fact that against the name of every man on our roll, he must put the number of the page of the London Roll upon which he appears and against his name in the London roll must be the number of the page in which he appears on the Group Roll. It is very often the case that London does omit a name, which means that London must be appraised of the fact by wire immediately and a telegram despatched to Tidworth asking for instructions. It eventually follows that Tidworth advise London to include the man and London advise us that they have done so. On the other hand it very often happens that a man has to included by Tidworth instructions after the despatch of the rolls and we advise London in the same manner and acknowledge receipt to Tidworth. The allotment to the Group does not always include the complete complement of the transport and in nine cases out of ten upon the roll returning it is found that the ship's staff and a fair number of A.M.C. personnel have been allotted from London from other Groups under instructions from Tidworth.

The roll of men embarking from Quota "X" is complete, every man's name submitted is shewn by London and there are yet two days before embarkation. Boat Rolls is now responsible for the move order which is made out immediately upon receipt of telegram from Tidworth advising time of entrainment.

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