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rendered a certificate to the effect that it was fit for the accomodation of incoming troops to the Group. Q.M. before entraining. So much from the point of view of the quota. The work entailed in the above formulated routine is of bigger dimensions than one is led to suppose. The main function of the Boat Rolls Office was rolls and to maintain a standard of efficiency in the compiling of these rolls both accuracy and speed were required. Beyond that it was necessary for the staff to be endowed with some small store of confidence and initiative with which to carry them over the work connected with the formula described above. It is that work which I am now going to attempt to detail. To facilitate comprehension let us take a quota for example, name it "X" and follow the handling of it from the point of view of Boat Rolls, from its arrival in England until its departure for Australia.

On the second day after arrival five nominal rolls are rendered from Quota "X", two for use of compilation and three to be attached to the Group Marching in and out State rendered to Headquarters , A.I.F.Depots in U.K.Tidworth. Supposing there are five quotas in the group due for an allotment before Quota "X", then there would be no especial hurry to make out the rolls for London. When however, there is only one before it a start is made immediately.The general number of Quota "X" on arrival in England was 1000 but after those men availing themselves of the various privileges offered by the A.I.F. have been struck off, also the Western Australian personnel, who are allotted to seperate transports of their own, the number has dwindled somewhat. The allotment to Quota "X" is in excess of the number of the strength,

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