Wittey diary, 12 June-27 December 1915 / Leonard Arthur Wittey - Page 19

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<p class="page" id="a4810019">[Page 19]</p><p>Nov 21 More fatigues</p><p>Nov 22 Fatigues. Heavy bombardment by war ships and land batteries. On tunnel guard at night till 6.30Am next morning.</p><p>Nov 23 [indecipherable] Holdon was shot through head, died 2 hours later I was up Chathams Post at 4 o'clock Pm was on listening in concealed firing line relieved 8 oclock next morning</p><p>Nov 24th Feeling rotten (exhausted) but had to do 3 water fatigues in afternoon. Tunnel guard all night.<br/>Nov 25 Day fatigues. Digging at night till 11 oclock. Feeling knocked up.</p><p>Nov 26 Day fatigues. Ration fatigue at night. Terrible night. Severe thunder storms. So dark couldn't follow the mules home, had to hold each others coats, soaked through. Had to sleep in wet cloths (very cold) and clothes still wet. Turks attacked here and were repulsed with losses. Orders, not to fire shot ( or big guns) for 3 days unless attacked.</p><p>Nov 27 Cold all day raining. Fatigues as usual.</p><p>Nov 28 Still very cold. Night and day fatigues.</p><p>Nov 29 Fatigues and Chathams Post. Gas used my eyes very sore.</p><p>Nov 30 A friend Ted West (Englishman) killed shot through the head.</p><p>Dec 4 Very heavy bombardment by warships and land batteries at Cape Helles. Feeling rather off colour and weak.</p><p>Dec 5 Returned to firing line, on the way I met Patterson an old Parmitarian. Had very interesting conversation about old times.</p><p>Dec 6 Recd. letter from L, Albert and England. Quiet day in firing line. Weather warmer.</p><p>Dec 7th My Birthday. Feeling excellent. Plenty bombs about, otherwise quiet.</p><p>Dec 8 Quiet day</p><p>Dec 9 My narrowest escape up to date. Our firing line swept by 7.5 centimetrer guns. Had just finished writing letter when a shell burst over my head. An oil sheet which was over my head only 1 foot away was blown to threads, my mess tins riddled and the possi in a fearful mess. A piece of my shirt (I was not wearing) blown to pieces a big hole blown in the wall of possi only 2 feet from me. Felt a little nervy for a couple of hours. Otherwise everything O.K.</p><p>Dec 10 Dull day. News of our going off Peninsular to mount and go to [indecipherable]</p><p>

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