Wittey diary, 12 June-27 December 1915 / Leonard Arthur Wittey - Page 15

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<p class="page" id="a4810015">[Page 15]</p><p>Continued happened yet, except demonstrations. I think the enemy have exhausted their stock of ammunition, for they have been very quiet ever since, until last night.</p><p>Oct 5th<br/>On fatigue I have a cold and headache. Afternoon feeling much worse temperature rising. Paid a visit to the doctor thinking I had a fever. My temperature was 101&deg; told me to get to bed, and keep quiet and see him in the morning.<br/>Oct.6<br/>Very much better today. Temperature normal. Put on light duty. Went on guard at mouth of a tunnel at night. Put on light diet but preferred a feed if only Band B</p><p>Oct.7th<br/> On usual fatigues water at 5.45Am. We get the water from the "beach "and have a very hard climb on return. Another water fatigue at 9 o'clock then some days 2Ms fatigue 10.30 Mess orderly for dinner, water again at 2o'clock, clean up portion of trench. Tunnel guard at 6 o'clock PM until 6 AM next morning when I have to go straight down for water to the beach. This is what is known as Rest.</p><p>Oct 8,9,10,11,12,13 spent in similar manner as above.</p><p>Oct 14th<br/>Returned to firing line.</p><p>Oct 15<br/>Had a big demonstration we used star shells over artillery bombarded enemy positions also gun boat. This was trying their (Turks) strength. They responded freely.</p><p>Oct 15,16,17,18<br/>Same old day</p><p>Oct 22<br/>In firing line. Demonstration at 4 o'clock Am A party of Queenslanders went out to draw fire. Turkish fire again feeble. A few days previous a small party went out but have never returned.</p><p>Oct.23<br/>Wet morning, started raining but night got wet (little) and had to erect sheets to exclude water.</p><p>Oct 25<br/>Relieved from firing line to go on sapping</p><p>Oct 26<br/>J Fitzpatrick caught asleep on post (listening in tunnel) Remanded for Court Marshall I have night off so wrote to L. Very cold night. Heavy bombardment in Narrows</p>

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