Morleville diary, 4 August-15 November 1914 / Anthony de Morleville - Page 3

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1) August 16th.
The last forts of Leige have fallen. The Germans have captured M.General Leman. I have just received news, that my two brothers have been killed in trying to hold the fort of Lonein against overwhelming odds. The Germans are advancing rapidly. They have reached Namur. The town is ablaze. Thousands of inhabitants are being killed. Will we hold out. My God. Where are our Allies. Are they asleep!

2) August 17th

The Germans, after two days fighting with the French have destroyed Dinant, 12 miles south of Lamur. They killed about two hundred men before the eyes of their wives, or mothers. There is not a house left standing there. All the horizon around us is ablaze with villages burning.

At 2 o'clock in the morning we learned, that a small party of Germans had entered Audenne. It was said that devilry was going on there. Two hundred of us went to investigate. It was five o'clock when we reached the village. In entering the market place, we found the Germans busy driving women naked, in a huge line, with their bayonets. All the men had already been killed and the children were huddled together in a corner watched by soldiers. At that sight we all went mad. We drove our bayonets witin them Germans killing, without heeding their kamerading. Only two or three escaped. We killed about 227 of them They were

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