Item 06: Thomas D. Munro war narrative, 18 July 1918-3 March 1919 - Page 12

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There was an attendant helping some of the boys. I was put into a marquee where I was not long in getting into bed, just on day break.

Beds do feel strange after the old Dug out.

Wed. 14th August
Had the X Rays on my arm this morning, and the piece of shrapnel is still in it. I am classed as walking wounded, I was allowed out of bed, after the Doctor had examined me.

An hour after getting into bed, the Air Raid warning was sounded, and we had to get out of the marquee into a sand bagged hut. Fritz dropping bombs near Rouen. Raid over in an hour, allowed back to bed.

About an hour later the warning went again, but I was not getting out of bed, as I was too comfortable. The O.C. came around & found a

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