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here now going to the top of the hills & bringing stones down to mark out the boundaries of the camp. The camp is composed of N S W. Vic. Qlnd. Tas. W.A & S A. Troops & the 1st 2nd & 3rd Batteries.

Dec 9th
We met Bob Hane & Jack Stead today. We went to Cairo last night & thought it a peculiar place & a place easy to get lost in. Leave is granted at the rate of 20% each night we got our tents [indecipherable]. The pyramids here are a fine sight & it is marvellous how they built them as there is no stone like what they are composed of for miles around & the size of them is terrible large.

Saturday Dec 11th
We had a day off & went to the pyramids to see the ancient ruins We climbed to the top of the big one of Cheops & also the little one inside of which is a temple with tombs of some ancient kings the names of which I cannot remember (Rameses, [indecipherable].

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