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April 5 – (Contd.) & Hd. Qrtrs. Staff – 2 blankets & W.P., no hammocks, no mess tables. Old "Afric" a paradise – Horses above us - moved out into stream – tied up with "Armadale" A26.
6 – Breakfast. Bread & Butter Coffee. Settling down now "D" Coy. for duty, escaped guard.
7 – Still in stream. Muster parade full marching order each day. Mail in.
8 – Still loading. Met Corrigan. Wireless on our boat. Rcd. 1 letter from Mother & Keith, 2 from Ruby Barrett, 1 from Aunt Jess. Stew & duff for dinner best so far. Armadale left us. A very noticeable feature of the Aus. Troops is that they are all clean shaven. "Egyptian Mail". Still sleeping on deck.

Current Status: