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by a wounded cobber who is returning home to-day (Private E. Boxsell). He takes a letter to Aunt Jess for me & also the diary which I would like her to read & then send on to you. It is a poor diary, neglected, it was not possible to write everything that took place the first few days as we were under continuous fire all the time. It is impossible to put into this book all my experiences so I am keeping them till we meet again. The most important parts are marked by arrows &c. At time of sending you this book I am in best of health & enjoying life which seems sweeter than ever. I am very happy to think I have come through such an ordeal safely. With fondest Love to you & all at home. Your Loving Son, Eric.

Service P.Cs sent since 23-6-15

Date sent
2/7/15 – Mother (Cynovitis)
From Lemnos
2/7/15 – ruby Barrett – same

Letters sent to Mother
20.6.15 – Mother (1) 25-6-15 (2)
9.7.15 – Ruby (1) No. 3 (15-7-15)
26.7.15 – Mother (4).

[Transcriber's note:
Sedd-el-Bahr – also known as Sedie Bahr
Tekeh – possibly Tekke Tepe
F.S. – Field Service
S.B. – Stretcher Bearer
Burgoo – Porridge]

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert and John Glennon for the State Library of New South Wales]

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