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June 28 (Contd.) – I put in a very restless night, knee aching a good deal. Next morning our Doctor sent me to hospital boat (Sicilia) with Synovitis of R knee. 9th & 11th Btns. make a charge on R Flank. New landing.

Tues. 29 – Sent to Casualty Station on beach to wait for fleet steamer – taken on board Hospital Ship "Sicilia". Cooks presented me with axehandle before leaving. While waiting for steamer General Birdwood asked me what had happened, he also asked two others. Fine fellow.

Wed. 30 – On S.S. "Sicilia" waiting for fleet sweeper. Sailing postponed. Slept on deck, rained torrents. Heavy firing on ridges. Turks blew up our sap, killed one & asphyxiated one of our men. Rumoured that we may break through saps & make new firing line.

Thurs. 1 – Trans-shipped to small boat, went out into streamed & again transferred to "Prince Abbas". Sailed 3 p.m. for Lemnos 4 hrs. run. Taken to 1st Field Hospital Mudros. 4th Brigade here spelling.

Frid. 2 – Quiet day – went into town of Mudros to buy chocolate &c. Wandered round all day. Watched Greek women at work in the fields thrashing wheat. Had a chat to Chaplain Capt. McKenzie. Hills round Lemnos Bay one mass of canvas villages. Big alterations & improvements. Vic. Perkins arrived with Influenza.

3 – Went to Doctor who ordered me to Base Hospital, Alexandria. Turkish prisoners working on island. Dr. Vurko my doctor. Issue of 4 pkts. Brittanias.

Sun. 4 – Left 1st Aus. Hospital 1 o'clock, lying in lighter 3 hrs. before going out in stream to Alwyn Castle Hospital ship. Ticks to sleep on. Sailed at 6 o'clock.

5 – Tucker fair, Dave Mackay my mate. Lovely weather. Land in sight all the time. Dry bread & tea for tea. Slept most of day.

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