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On the night of the 16th/17th May, the portions of the line allotted to them were taken over by the 29th Division, the 42nd (East Lancashire) Division and the Corps Expenditionaire. 

On the following night the Royal Naval Division, whose scattered brigades had been reunited, took over its allotted position.

From the time of this the small local push forward made by the 6th Gurkhas on the night of the 10th/11th May until the 4th of June the troops under my command pressed against the enemy continuously by sapping, reconnaissance and local advances, whilst, to do them justice, they, the enemy, did what they could to repay us in like coin. I will pass over these minor operations very briefly leaving it to be understood that never a 24 hours passed by without some excursion or alarm.  I have given the escalade of Gurkha Bluff as sample; no 48 hours passed without something of this sort being attempted or achieved sittue by the French or ourselves.

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On the nights of 14th and 15th May attacks were made upon the French which were repulsed. 

On 18th May the French, assisted by the Royal Naval Division, made a successful advance and straightened out their line.


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