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On 28th May at 9 p.m. a raid was made on a Turkish post overlooking the beach 1,200 yards north of KABA TEPE where it was suspected that arrangements were being made to mount machine guns.

H.M.S. "RATTLESNAKE" co-operated, searching the ridge leading along the beach with the occaisional shell, and then bombarding the Turkish post.  The searchlight was then carried south to the 'col' east of KABA TEPE, while a party of 50 rifles rushed the post, killing 6 and capturing 1 of the occupants. Meanwhile the destroyer opened rapid fire on the KABA TEPE plateau, and is reported to have inflicted loss upon a party of 150 Turks who were withdrawing.

On our left an enemy trench was rushed and occupied with trifling loss.  The post was held against attacks after dark and during the 29th May.  On 30th May this new piquet was attacked and fired upon all day, reinforcements being prevented from arriving by the fire.  A detachment was in readiness to reinforce as soon as it became dark but the Turtks anticipated and an attack at 7 p.m. gave them possession of this post.  The garrison retired bringing away their wounded and the Turks following up


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