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Stretcher and the other parties fell back and immediately fire broke out.  In front of our right section masses of men advanced behind lines of unarmed men holding up their hands.  Firing became general all along the line accompanied by a heavy bombardment of the whole position, so that, evidently, this attack must have been prearranged.  Musektry and machine-gun fire continued without interruption till after dark and from then up to about 4 a.m. next day.

Except for a half hearted attack in front of COURTNEY'S POST, no assault was made till 1.20 a.m. when the enemy left their trenches and advanced on QUINN'S POST. under cover of a heavy bombardment of our position.

Our guns drove the Turks back to their trenches and beat back all other attempts to assault.  By 4.30 a.m. on 21st May firing musketry fire had died down to normal dimensions. and the rest of the day was fairly quiet

As the Turks seemed anxiou to bury their dead and as human sentiment and medical science were both of one accord in favour of such a course, I sent my Chief of the

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