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a sheer precipice falling 200 feet into the valley below.  The enemy's trenches are only a few feet distant.

On the 9th May a night assault, supported by enfilade fire, was delivered on the enemy's trenches in front of QUINN'S POST. The trenches were carried at the point of the bayonet, troops established in them and reinforcements sent up.

At dawn on the 10th May a strong counter-attack forced our troops to evacuate the trenches and fall back on QUINN'S POST.  In opposing this counter-attack our guns did great execution, as we discovered later from a Turkish officer's diary that a Turkish regiment on this date lost 600 killed and 2000 wounded.  During our night attack a party of about 20 men penetrated some way beyond the Turkish trenches and found a collection of tents, huts, horses etc., which betrayed the presence of a brigade or regimental headquarters.  They did as much damage as they could and managed to get back to the trenches they had captured.

On 13th May the 1st Naval Brigade, Royal Naval Division which 

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