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But thank the Lord we are now finished our training, and expect to leave Egypt any minute. So you must cheer the Mater up, Mick, if she does not hear from me for a couple of months now, as we are off to the front. (Can't tell you where – it will be censored.) Even when you do hear from me it will only be a bum field service post card. But you will know that everything is O.K. and that I am all right.

Getting a bit nervous about the 20 quid I cabled for, in case you did not get the right stress or the word "immediately". At any rate I have instructed the Anglo Egyptian Bank to hold the money till I send instructions, if it should come after my departure from Egypt. So everything will be all right.

If you are finding any difficulty with the history for the Senior you want to make out a list of the important dates, and then enlarge on them as for instance (information hopelessly incorrect but an example) B.C. 56 Catalinarian [Catilinarian] conspiracy – Cicero, the famous barrister and orator consul deals with it in a prompt vigorous manner & arrest of the principals – etc. etc. Get this short summary. Then read the details thoroughly. And when

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