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plays the "pianer" during breakfast, etc. As yet I have not heard from Jack or Cliff. So they could not have written this mail.

So Daisy is engaged to Blackmore the silliest pisshouse under the sun! I tip it will last for about two minutes. As I have not heard from her yet, I have, despite the rules of convention, not taken the trouble to write to her. But you will please "congratulate" her for me.

Well, Mick, I will close now. I know what a brick you are as regards our dear little Mater. Now that "Spot" is away you will have to be all the more attentive to her, for the sake of your brother who is always thinking of those dearest ones at Coppabella.

Yours as ever,

Writing to Japan in a day or two.
In case of any difficulty, quote the number of the receipt for my pass book, No. A20725.

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