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you come to fag it up, use your summary list and you will be surprised at all the details you can remember without burning up the book. Then, of course, be very careful of the dates. Try and think of something, an event, that is to say, as happening immediately after another event, and you will soon get the run of the dates. Hope I have made these few little notes quite clear.

Glad you are keeping the tennis going. It is doubtless keeping up Mum's spirits – and if it does that, it does a lot. One day I had a strike at a beautiful place, the Heliopolis Palace Hotel, one of the finest in the world, which is now occupied by No. 1 Aust. General Hospital. I was on guard there and I took the opportunity of having a knock up. Needless to say, I didn't know which end of the racquet to hold. By the way, I trust you are looking after my racquet and occasionally having a hit with it.

I am getting the papers all right now. At the front, they will be a veritable God-send.

Les, with his usual impetuosity, bought a camera and stupidly they began snapping everything and everybody. The enclosed are some products of his work, taken by the camel boy. Of course they are hopelessly bum but you can just about recognise us. Give one to Kath Begbie if she wants it and stick to the other if you think it worth keeping. Unfortunately there will be no time to have the new ones taken. So long Mick. Look after our little Mummie for the sake of your loving pal. Eric.

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