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P.S. If you like, you can send me a couple of tins of T.C. William's "Mahel" Tobacco. Quite unobtainable here and also, I think, where we are going. Register it, mark it "Urgent" and give full adress. I am now "B" Coy instead of "D", due to the 4 company organisation.


near Cairo,

April 7th 1915

Dear old Mick

Many thanks for your letters of Feb. 28th and March 9th, also for the Exhibition Results. Nearly all those sort of things I pass on to Hugh Pulling who is now attached to our battalion.

I didn't think you would be very interested in Field Firing, Co-operation of Infantry and Artillery in the Field, The theory of Rifle Fire, and the Theory of Infantry Attack and all that sort of thing. It would take a long time to give full details. Besides I have it all in the diary, you know, which you can read till the cows come home when I send it back. At any rate our training consists of five parts, (i) Field Tactics, skirmishing, fire control, fire discipline, mutual support, passing on of orders, (ii) bivouacs, camping for a night in the open and doing support work, (iii) divisional training in which infantry, cavalry and artillery co-operate as a fighting unit, (iv) entrenchments, digging trenches of all descriptions with pick and shovels, right distribution of the tools from the transports and the telling off of shifts to dig the trenches, (v) bayonet exercises.

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