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it was supposed that more of the Trees which we find burnt all over this Country, was from the Lightening, but I am now certain that is from the Natives setting fire to the grass. I have seen Large Trees take fire from the grass & burn the Ground. we have very heavy storms of thunder & Lightening & some Trees are destroyed by that means, but not the whole Country as some people imagine. it is supposed & I believe is, that there are mines of Iron & of Copper, in sinking a Well, the sand was supposed to contain a large portion of metal. I have had a little of the Sand washed, it will not melt & I send to you in No. 2, & to Mr. Nepean with my dispatches what I have of it. I believe it to be the Black lead. people talk here of Mines, my Dear Sir, I am at an Age when three or four years are of some value & which to be better employ'd than in looking after a Silver River. I wish to see the necessarys of life produced in this Country in abundance, at present no Country has a finer Climate, nor does I believe offer as little for the support of Men. some honest Industrious farmers will change the Scene in three or four Years & I shall then

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