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neither appeared to have been long in the water, & it has given rise to an Idea that an Inhabitted Isld. is not far from them. I hope to have the frames of a Couple of small Vessels sent out & a few Carpenters. they shall not be Idle, tho' I am very sorry to say that in this place where Industry is more necessary than in any part of the World I ever was in, we have but little of it. & witht. a few good farmers, this Settlement must depend on the mother County for some years. at present if left to ourselves we should want the necessities of life. we cannot maintain live Stock in any quantity, there is Hay & Poultry, & you know, Sir that the friendly Islands have no black Cattle, Savu is at too great distance, we must therefore depend on having them from the Cape.  The Sirius Sailed for the Cape the 2d of October, it will be a voyage of many months. all the Seeds & Grain brought from England being heated or distroy'd by the Weevil in the passage was my reason for sending her. I had the pleasure of writing to you by that conveyance.

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