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was much finer than any we have here, the Red Ochre we have here in great abundance & they have a very fine sort on Norfolk Island.

No. 2 contains a small box of Sand found in sinking a well, which I think has Black lead in it, it has been washed & some of it put in a Crucible, but it would not melt.  There is likewise in that box some of the pepper from N Island, as the Ship only remained there a few days it was put up green, if it is the true pepper, I will by the favor of you to mention it to Lt. Sydney or Mr. Nepean.  The Square bottle in that box has a plant of the Ipecacuanha, the only one I have, all those I brought from the Rio were killed by the Ignorance of my Gardner, the flower in the same bottle is sent on acct. of its beauty, a Sweet water is always found in the flower & a few of the Seeds are sent, like all other Shrubs in this Country, it grows in a dry Stony Soil. Tthe Gum will soften in hot water, a small quantity is sent as there is a possibility of the box of Gum sent by Lt Shortland in the Alexander with several others being lost, the Natives use it to join their Spears. The Flax is badly drest we have

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