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not one person that understands it, nor have I been able to procure any seed. the small Vial of Essential Oil is drawn from the leaves of a Gum Tree, it smells like Oil of Pepper mint.

No: 3 Seeds, there is likewise on board the same Ship a bag which contains some Young Kangurroo Rats, Birds, young Kangurroos etc. they may amuse some of your friends.  Two Tubs of Plants are likewise put on bd. one contains twenty plants of pepper in very fine Order, the other several flowering Shrubs of this place.

The Winter has been pleasant, except when the heavy rains were falling, the Air clear & tho' the Rains have been heavy at times, I think less so than I have found on the Coast of Brazil.  No Climate can be healthier, the Natives avoid us & attack any Stragler they meet unarmed one Convict has been kill'd lately & a Soldier is missing. they have been robbed of their Lances etc & now taken their revenge. I shall endeavor to secure a couple of them, in Order to get their Language, which I am anxious to obtain, for I am now satisfied that they will not be persuaded to live with us voluntarily, from

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