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up the gully & reported there were no Turks in the gully feeling much relieved we went on yarning till 3.15 am this morning when we received the orders to throw away all the spare ammunition on the posts & file out; We were just ready to start for the beach when 2 mines were fired on Walkers one under the Turks firing line & the other under the second line of defence the tunnells were 50 feet below the surface but 2 tons of amonal were in each mine ,& the flame leapt high in the air; 2 men on Walkers had been left to fire the mines while the remainder were on their way to the beach; As soon as the mines exploded the Turks (who were not hurt by the explosion) opened up a heavy fire with rifle & machine guns; We arrived at Watsons Pier just as the men from Walkers were embarking & no time was lost on the beach; as soon as we were out a little way from shore an old howitzer on the beach

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