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Hump; There were 48 men left altogether & we had one to every post at No 1 sub section which is close to the beach between No 1 Outpost & Walkers Ridge & in the bottom of the gully; Everything was going along quietly enough until 11 oclock when Walkers Ridge reported that the sergeant on duty saw about 100 Turks going down the Gully from Walkers, we were spinning tales to kill time, (4 at each post, & one observing) when Major Granville & Lieut Mack came running down the trench & ordering us to "stand to" as they passed us; we sprang to our posts with a good supply of ammunition on the parapet by us & anxiously awaited the Turks to show themselves; Meanwhile Granville had sent a sergeant & 5 men up the gully to ascertain the strength of enemy & to give us warning of their approach fortunately it was a false alarm & the patrol went well

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