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Bde H.Q. so I saw S.M.Davidson secured my pass, & ran most of the way to the WArdan Railway station & came into Cairo with A.M.S. Mc Keowan Easterbrook & Sert.Mathison& Scott. We arrived at Cairo at 9 oclock, I then went to the cake shop on the offchance of meeting Arthur Welch but found I was too late as he had just gone; I then took a carriage to Cairo Railway Station & caught a tram to Heliopolis; arrived at A.V.C. & found I had beaten Arthur home, so lay down on his bed & waited only a short time before he turned up; He told me had just left Stan & we took after him at the double catching him at the head of the lines; There was a demonstration today in Cairo by some Egyptian Army reserves that were called up & they declared themselves Turkish & were rounded

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