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Hunter House,
26 Hunter Street, 
20 th May 1919.

Dear Mr. Hay,

I have been shown copy of letter from the Prime Minister's Department which you forwarded to my brother.

From this it wold appear that your good offices have been in vain and that I refused to accept temporary employment. As you may remember, Mr. Hay, the only offer which the Department made was through the A.A.G., 2nd Military District. I informed this Officer that I did not wish to accept a specific appointment which he mentioned and asked that my case would be borne in mind in the event of further openings.

On the face of it , it would appear that the A.A.G. has conveyed a false impression of the interview. I understand that there are still two ships to be commissioned to deport enemy aliens, but under the circumstances it seems useless for me to make application in that connection.

Thanking you for your courtesy and interest,

Yours faithfully,
D. G. Marks

C. H.Hay Esq.,  
Premier's Office, 


Letters to A.P.M. and Colonel Poore Marks, 23/5/19.

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