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the Australian Forces from the line in October, 1918. This period included the following actions:- The German drive towards Amiens in March and April, Villers-Brettoneux, Hamel, 4th July, the British drive on August 8, and the occasion on which the 4th Australian Division were the first to penetrate the Hindenberg line on September, 18. He also has the unique distinction of being one of the two first British officers to command American troops in action. 

At the beginning of October, 1918, he was offered Anzac leave upon two separate occasions, but in each instance declined; subsequently, his Brigadier, General Brand, obtained an assurance from Lieut. Gen. Monash, that his Battalion - which was then withdrawn- was not likely to be in action during his absence, but should circumstances necessitate change of plans, he undertook to have my brother returned by the shortest and quickest route.

Both General Brand and my brother thereupon accepted the leave, but on their way home, learned at Honolulu of the signing of the Armistice. They returned on the " Makura," which you will remember, had a very bad passage entailing considerable delay at Auckland, and subsequent quarantine at North Head. Upon release from the latter on the way down the harbour, they were boarded by a launch and a disembarkation officer handed my brother formal notice to go before a "medical board" on February 4 with view to discharge on February 20. He has subsequently been before the board, papers marked "fit" and informed that his appointment would be terminated from the 2 Oth inst.,

An important point which I would like to make, is that during November 1917, the Defence Department enquired from the Australian Corps in France as to the names of officers who should be retained in the Forces after the cessation of hostilities. Colonel Durrant (a member of the Australian Permanent Forces) made a strong recommendation as regards my brother, this was endorsed by his Brigadier, General Brand, and the Divisional Commander, General McLagan. I would like to add that the only

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