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3rd March, 1919.

Dear sir,

Representations have bee made to me from influential quarters with respect to the brilliant services rendered in the War by, Lieutenant-Colonel D. G. Marks, D.S.O., M.C.  A brief statement of such record is attached for your perusal.

 Also forwarded herewith is copy of correspondence which will give abundant evidence of the high regard in which he is held by the distinguished Military Commanders with whom he was associated in the War.

As you know, I have been exceedngly loth to interfere in any way in such matters, as I recognise the extreme difficulty of the task which lays lies before the authorities to deal with such appointments, but the claims of Colonel Marks are so outstanding, and his career has been so exceptionally striking, that I have no hesitiation on this occasion in supporting the representations made.

In these circumstances I feel justified in expressing the hope that some definite action will be taken, at an early date, to adequately recognise Colonel Marks' services, and that an appointment will be found for him which would afford adequate opportunity for exercise of the undoubted talents which he has displayed.

If it be found that a satisfactory staff position be not available in Australia at present, I should be glad to learn whether it is not possible to arrange for Colonel Marks to be dispatched to London to assist in the difficult work of the repatriation of the Australian troops.

Yours faithfully,


The Honorable
The Acting Prime Minister of
The Commonwealth of Australia,

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