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While on guard we saw a Hospital train come in with wounded from the Canal, mostly Turks, with a few Indian troops. Most of the Turks seemed to be shot in the feet.

Went to Cairo, and thence out to Gizeh to the Zoological Gardens. These are very interesting and the most striking things to my fancy, were the wonderful footpaths, with symmetrical designs traced with oval stones, of different colors, and a grotto made of coral. There were also two pontoons used by the Turks in their unsuccessful attempt to cross the Canal, and captured from them by our lads.

Went into Cairo on leave, took a run out to the Citadel, and saw the finest sights I have ever beheld. There is a most wonderful mosque, or Mahommedan Church, with a large marble courtyard, where it is compulsory to wear large slippers over your boots, to avoid scratching the marble. In the yard there is a very deep well, with a remarkable echo. The mosque is lovely with

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