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umbrella. On guard, as usual.

Left Port Said at 8 a.m., passing the monument erected to De Lesseps, the man who first began the construction of the Suez Canal. Soon we passed out into the open Mediterranean, which was calm.

Arrived Alexandria 8 a.m., & moored to wharf. Unloaded our horses and gear, and reloaded them on a train. At 3 p.m. we said good bye to the Suevic, and left Alexandria, bound for Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. It was a most interesting trip for us. We passed long green irrigated fields covered with Bersim (Egyptian lucerne), and saw natives at work ploughing, with wooden ploughs and oxen, just in the same way as did the olden-time Egyptians. Everything in Egypt seems to be conducted as they were in the days of the Pharoahs, excepting, of course, innovations introduced by the British, such as irrigation, railways, etc. We arrived there at 8 p.m., untrucked our horses,

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